Distributors Wanted

We are looking for distributors and joint venture partner’s thorough out the world. 

Salveo Natural is seeking financial partners in a joint venture or to sell the rights to distribute Tectus™ exclusively with a special focus on countries in Central and South America.

Distribuidores y socios de empresas conjuntas en América del Sur querían.

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Salveo™ (meaning I am well in Latin) has created non-toxic and organic foliage fertilizer and fungicide formulas that are unique, completely natural and can have a vital impact on the health of agricultural workers.  

The agricultural industry has been plagued for 100’s of years with fungal growth on bananas, coffee and cacao, as well as many other crops. 

Flagship Product

Our flagship product called Tectus™ (Latin for “to protect”) is a completely natural and sustainable formula. The Company has been conducting a plant clinical trial to treat and prevent Black Sigatoka (aka Sigatoka Negra) in our test plots in southern Ecuador.



Salveo™ (meaning I am well in Latin) was founded in July 2016. Salveo, Inc. (the company) has created a non-toxic and natural foliage feeding, bio-stimulate and fungicide formula that is unique, completely natural and can have a vital impact on the health of agricultural workers and those that eat those products from many food crops as well as ornamental plants.


Our vision is to be the preferred provider of high quality non-toxic and natural cost-effective fertilizers and fungicides to the global agricultural sector with emphasis on high value crops such as; coffee, bananas, and cacao, rice as well as other agricultural crops.


Our mission is to be a major crop protection company providing natural and non-toxic fungicidal solutions with international standards of quality at very competitive pricing. By utilizing a best practices and sustainable business model, we will provide the highest quality natural products.


Salveo™ recognizes that to hire and retain the best and the brightest, the Company must be dedicated to a life economy. We realize that people want to work for companies that are doing good work.

  • Creative endeavors that will support a living Earth for all and for future generations
  • Hire and nurture people who thrive on innovation and socially and environmentally responsible change, not the status quo
  • Create management systems that encourage creativity, joy, and a sense of camaraderie and community
  • Make the transition from the command-and-control leadership paradigm to collaborative decision-making models. The trend toward management systems that are less hierarchical (or even nonhierarchical) has proven highly rewarding for individuals and organizations alike.

Organic & Natural Fertilizers & Fungicides

Salveo has documented almost everything from the beginning with video; from the first tests the Founder made in March 2016 to present. A version of the documentary has been made for potential investors and farmers.

If you have not viewed this video, please do so, it’s tells our story and will be used in marketing in the future.

To receive a link to view the Investor or Farmer Video - email: contact@naturalfungicide.com. You must be an accredited investor according to SEC rules to view the investor video.

Making a Sustainable Change in the Agro-industry — for the Good of ALL People!

Organic and Natural Fungicides for coffee, bananas and cacao

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